How to Get Faster with Guitar: Increase Riff Your Speed Easily

Learning how to get faster guitar playing can be a challenge to anyone, especially if you do not understand an efficient manner to achieve faster speeds. It requires an enormous amount of dedication and, depending on the riff or song you are trying to learn, it could take a long time. However, if you understand how to spend your practice time efficiently, the results you are looking for can be reached in a matter of days. If you follow the method described in this article, you will most likely get the results you are looking for in only a couple of days, not weeks and months.

In order to get faster on guitar, you will need some materials. The most essential piece of equipment besides the guitar is the metronome. Without a metronome you will be lost, won’t be able to see your results and you will probably quit before you have realized your potential. But you do not need to spend a dime on a metronome because there are plenty of free to use metronomes online, just look in a search engine. You will also need a timer, also available free online via search engine and you will need patience. The timer (stopwatch) is used to track your time spent on each metronome click, but we will delve into that in a little bit. Patience is needed because you will not get instant results. There is no such thing as an “instant result” on guitar when speed training. But if you keep with it, it will happen.

Once you have the materials, you will want to get them all set up. I suggest starting the speed on the metronome at 70 BPM and try to play 8th notes during the riff. The timer should be a stopwatch that can at least go up to a minute. To get the best results, you should play at the suggested BPM (unless you can start faster) and play the riff over and over in that timeframe of the minute. Once the minute is done, and you feel completely comfortable with playing the current BPM, move 1 click (BPM) of the metronome up. For example, move from 70 BPM to 71 BPM. If you feel any tension at all with the playing of the riff, that will be your maximum BPM for the day. If not, keep going faster and faster until you reach the tension point. Remember to try to do one click each minute and move up once the minute is done. Also, don’t play one note per click, play at least two or more notes per click.

If you don’t have a song or riff to use for this method, but you want to work on guitar speed, here is an exercise that you can use to try with the metronome:
Use Alternate Picking with this exercise (up strokes and down strokes every note, for example, up down up down)