Learn to Play Guitar in the Detroit Downriver Area

Live Downriver? Been wanting to learn how to play guitar? Downriver is full of great guitar players. A lot of them will be willing to teach you for a reasonable price. It doesn’t matter if you want to shred like Van Halen or serenade somebody like Jason Mraz, you can learn.

Here is a list of places you learn to play guitar in the Detroit Downriver area:

  1. A&R Music – This store in Lincoln Park is a family friendly place that caters mostly to the academic music crowd. Most of the teachers have studied their instruments at a college and play professionally. This is not to say that older people, young children, or inexperienced people cannot get great service here. In fact, most of the people who study here fit into one of those three categories. The guitar teachers here are probably the most knowledgeable about advanced techniques around. There is also a friendly, helpful staff, and many quality instruments for sale. Guitar lessons here are 16 dollars per half hour lesson.
  2. Mike Carey Music Company – This is the only music store in Wyandotte. It is geared more toward people who play in local bands or aspire to play rock or pop music. The guitar teachers are mostly respected local musicians, and the lessons they provide The guitar lessons they provide are top notch and will have you ready to rock. The store is jam packed with guitars. They always are stocked with popular name brand guitars as well as some unique finds. There is truly a guitar here for just about any style. Guitar lessons here are 16 dollars per 30 minute lesson.
  3. Marshall Music – This store in Allen Park offers a very large instrument selection and many experienced guitar teachers. The downside to this store is that the staff are sometimes rude or obnoxious, and sometimes make you feel as if they do not want to be doing their job. Nonetheless, the guitar teachers do know what they are doing, and the big selection of name brand gear, including brand new Fenders and Gibsons, may be just enough to make this store a worthy competitor of the others. Guitar lessons here cost 72 dollars a month for 30 minutes of private instruction a week.
  4. Southland Music – This is Southland Mall’s music store. They have private guitar lessons for all skill levels. They also have a very nice selection of name brand instruments.The staff here is very knowledgeable and friendly. This store has a huge selection of sheet music. From Mozart to Blink 182, if you are looking for a guitar chart, they probably have it. For guitar players or any musician, Southland Music is absolutely worth stopping in. Guitar lessons here cost 17 dollars per 30 minute lesson.